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(Rev. Feb 28, 2022 - Approved, Revised and Adopted June, 2022)

We believe in God, Family and Country, in that order.

A. 1 st Amendment/Speech:
We believe that freedom of speech is a fundamental human right that supports the
freedom of an individual, group, or community to voice opinion without fear of censorship or

B. 2nd Amendment:
We uphold the right of people to keep and bear arms. We believe that lawful gun
ownership allows Americans to exercise their fundamental right of self-defense. We are opposed
to red flag laws that allow seizure of property prior to due process and on presumption of guilt.
We support national reciprocity for concealed carry. We opposed registration of lawfully owned
firearms. We support gun safety programs for all ages.

C. Education:
We support local control of schools by locally elected boards and believe curriculum
should be controlled locally. We support restructuring the State Board of Education to eliminate
appointed positions and ALL positions be ELECTED. We oppose the
teaching of SEL,  1619, & Critical Race Theory in schools.

D. Election Integrity:
We believe in fair, free and accurate elections. We support legally approved voter
identification requirements for voting. We oppose federalization of election processes.

E. Constitution/Rule of Law:
We support reading and interpretation of the Constitution based upon the founders’
original intent. We believe in the rule of law and the equal application of law to everyone. We
support law enforcement and the court system.


F. Liberty:
We believe the words of the Declaration of Independence that all people are created equal
and that all have certain inalienable rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
We believe that government derives its authority from those who consent to be governed.

G. Broadband:
We believe that broadband connectivity to the internet is an essential public utility, much
the same as water and sewer. Government should partner with the private sector to support the
expansion of broadband to un-served and under-served areas of Medina County to facilitate
educational opportunities, economic development and job growth. Everyone should have access
to the data that is essential to making informed decisions and allowing every American to
participate in the digital economy.

H. Right to Life:
We believe that every unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be
abridged. We oppose the use of public funds to conduct abortions or to support organizations
that promote abortion. We believe taxpayer funds should be used to assist women with
pregnancy and to promote adoption as an alternative.


Fiscal Policy:
We believe that a system of taxation should be simple and clear. It should provide
adequate support for essential government services while not over funding it. Tax policy should
advance economic growth, capital investment, and job growth. The State of Ohio should have a
tax structure that makes Ohio a competitive and attractive venue for business. Government
spending should focus on essential government services such as law enforcement, fire, roads,
water, sewer and broadband. Government officials should ensure wise spending in keeping with
public good and only where there is a legitimate public benefit.

J. Property Rights:
We believe that the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the
right of people to own property free of unreasonable interference from the government. The
government should not be allowed to impair property rights without due process of law. We
oppose civil forfeiture laws that do not provide for due process. Zoning and other land use
restrictions must balance a compelling government interest against the private property rights of

K. Climate Change:
We believe that changes in climate are a natural phenomenon and are not controlled by
or impacted by normal human activity.

L. 9th Amendment:
The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or
disparage others retained by the people. We believe that people have a right of self-
determination and should be free to choose their course of action in pursuit of life, liberty and
happiness. We believe that people hold all rights granted by God and only those rights
selectively conferred by the people unto government should be exercised by government.

We believe the that the Republican Party of Medina County, Ohio is the best vehicle for
translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.

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