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Thanks to our Team and Here's to 2021!

Many of you do not know the behind the scenes work it took to do what in did in Medina County in 2020. Our team spent countless hours week after week organizing, opening our new headquarters, engaging our volunteers, working for our candidates and especially driving out the vote for Donald J Trump. Medina County experienced RECORD turn out - Highest levels of volunteer activity - Most numbers of doors knocked ever - record number of dollars spent on our candidates - most number of dollars raised and a new permanent headquarters. It has been quite a ride.

This was a team effort from top to bottom, from the leadership of our new chairman, Jim Renacci to the hundreds of volunteers in our HQ and in your neighborhoods. I would like to personally thank Marsha Frost (my right hand), Russ Fisher (my go to guy), Ellen Sullivan, Kathy Ambrose, the Bitto Family, Ben Swank, Bill Schmock, Vera Stone and Mark Williams just to name few. I would like to especially thank YOU, the rank and file supporters in this county. You showed up to our events and to our functions and most importantly, you showed up to vote.

It has been my absolute pleasure to serve as interim Executive Director of the RPMC. We have opened and expanded out tent to be the most inclusive we have ever been. Only thru unity will hold on to our strength in this county. Every aspect of conservatives, republicans, and liberty loving patriots in this county needs to stay engaged now more than ever. As I step away in my official role, and am happy to say I will be staying on as a volunteer advisor. In addition, I am very excited the executive committee voted on and appointed Dave (& Marsha) Frost to take over as the new Executive Director. We have already hit the ground running planning out the 2021 events and building on the systems and programs we started last year as well as further expanding our reach and effectiveness.

We have just begun a new chapter in this county and the strides we made in 2020 are just the beginning. Please stay tuned some exciting announcements over the next couple months... we are just getting rolling.

Thank you all again for being part of this team!

Please stop in to the HQ Tues thru Sat 9-1 and check out our new merchandise and to socialize. You can also volunteer as well. WE STILL NEED YOU!


Tom Weyand

Former Executive Director


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