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RPMC Committees Listened: Vote to Censure Gonzalez

After weeks and weeks of messages, emails, phone calls and texts; we heard

your frustrations and understand your anger. The Medina County Republican

Party is made up of voters like you who are frustrated with elected Republican

officials who vote their will, not the will of the Republican voters. We took in

consideration your calls and frustration with Congressman Anthony Gonzales;

Your Executive, Central and Policy committees acted.

On January 30th, a joint session of all committees met to discuss the 2021

year for the RPMC. Some discussion was centered around Congressman

Gonzales vote to impeach President Trump. After that meeting, a special

policy committee met to discuss actions to respond to your concerns. An

Executive Committee meeting was called after a resolution was drafted to

CENSURE the Congressman Anthony Gonzales.

On February 3rd the special meeting was executed and the resolution was

passed. Please see the image Below.

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